At JIT Containers, we offer a wide variety of in stock plastic pallets for industrial, agricultural, and food processing applications worldwide. When you need to safely and reliably transport goods from one place to another, whether it is just across the building or to the opposite side of the globe, you can count on JIT pallets to help you get the job done right.

Engineered from recycled materials, our plastic pallets are strong yet lightweight, affording you the security you need without the bulk and heft you don’t. They are also corrosion resistant and durable, meaning that your JIT pallet purchase is an investment that will serve you for years to come.

Because they are reusable and maintenance-free, our pallets are more cost-effective and user-friendly than pallets manufactured from wood, cardboard, and metal. They also offer environmental benefits compared to these other pallet materials. When it comes to quality and value for the money, our plastic pallets afford unmatched advantages over other pallet types on the market


32x24 Nestable Semi Plastic Pallet

43 x 43 Closed Deck Plastic Pallet - CPP400C

43 x 43 Nestable Plastic Pallet - CPP400

45 x 45 Nestable Plastic Pallet - CPP440

48x32 Light Weight Pallet - CPP878

48x32 Nestable Medium Duty Pallet

48x32 Plastic Pallet - CPP888

48x40 Closed Deck Nestable Industrial Pallet

48x40 Closed Deck Plastic Pallet with snap-on cruciform base - CPP336C

48x40 Closed Deck Strong Plastic Pallet - CPP736C

48x40 Closed Desk pallet with snap-on base

48x40 FDA Approved BLUE RACX Rackable Pallet


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Reduce your costs by purchasing refurbished packaging solutions.  All of our refurbished product selection is repaired, power washed and kept inside our warehouse.  Check out our classified listings to find what you need.  If you don’t see what you need on our site call and we’ll find it!

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

If you are looking for quick reusable packaging solutions JIT has what you need!  All of our in stock products can be expedited to arrive when you need it.

We Use Recycled Resins

Most of our product selection is molded using up to 90% recycled resins that are processed at our in house recycling facility.  All of our plastic scrap that comes out of our repair facility is reprocessed back into fine resins and used for our products.  This not only keeps waste out of our landfills but allows JIT to pass cost savings to our customers.  Call our customer service team to inquire about scrap buyback programs!


Blog: JIT is now buying wire bins in all conditions!

03/04/2014 - JIT Containers is looking to purchase your broken wire bins for more than twice scrap value!  With our experienced welding team we are now equipped to repair wire bins or add custom solutions to existing metal bins.  Broken wire bins can pile up pretty quickly in your facility or yard and can be a significant safety hazard for employees that are working near them.  Send them to JIT and we will give them a new purpose isntead of sending them to a scrap yard!  Do you have...

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